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Current EMS industry forecasts 5-year CAGR growth to 21%. The industry statistics show that 83% of OEMs utilize CMs and 85% expect increased reliance. Many OEMs try to concentrate on their core competencies such as sales, marketing, and R&D, while dedicated manufacturing is no longer considered a core competency. With outsourcing popularity, there are not so many strong reasons to produce products internally.

Among outsourcing needs of OEMs, we can find, besides reduction of cost of goods sold and improved return on assets, improved performance (time to market, supply chain), quality improvement, flexibility, business risk management, geographic reach, low-cost region search, vertical integration, long-term relationship.

AT Compus provides CM services to both OEM and EMS customers. Our facilities enable us to offer both high-mix/low-volume, high value-add services, and low-mix/high volume manufacturing.

AT Compus can set up a manufacturing cell at its facilities specific to a particular customer. Our personnel will be trained on the customer's assembly, testing and other procedures. Local sourcing can be developed, thus reducing costs (e.g. one of the worldwide largest computer chassis producers is based just 30 km away from our facilities). There is a strong engineering reputation and expertise in the Czech Republic for sheet metal, stamping and other technologies. Reducing costs can continue through local process re-design. For the US and Western European customers, all that leads to their increased competiveness. For US customers, local partner can provide large cost reductions and shortened lead times in Europe.

OEMs can enjoy our support in various product life stages: during start-up phases, at full production (order fulfillment), and even at obsolescence (post-sale services).

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