AT Compus fast facts

Company name: AT Compus s.r.o.
Legal entity: Privately owned limited liability company
Headquarters and main warehouse: Ostrava, Czech Republic, Europe
Research center and management
headquarters size:
10,800 square feet
1,000 square meters
Manufacturing facility size: 19,400 square feet
1,800 square meters
Warehouse space size: 29,100 square feet
2,700 square meters
Address: Uhlirska 3, 71000 Ostrava 10
Czech Republic

AT Compus (ATC) is the largest PC assembler in the Czech Republic, contract manufacturer of all form-factor PCs (workstations, notebooks & servers), industrial and special PC systems.

In 2004, ATC produced about 70,000 workstations, notebooks, servers and industrial computers of several brands as a czech IT market leader with over 10% market share. ATC's convenient central location provides easy access to all major European markets.

Low-cost production to increase customer competitiveness and margin
  Educated, skilled and cost-effective working force
  Long-term experience
  Outstanding quality service
  Facilities for flexible manufacturing expansion
  Location in a stable industrial region


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